Category: Addresses

1DisplayAddressOutputs an address in a specific format
2DisplayAddressBranchOutputs an address in a specific format for a branch
3DisplayAddressClientOutputs an address in a specific format for a client
4DisplayAddressPropertyOutputs an address in a specific format for a property
5DisplayAddressPropertyMultiLineOutputs an address for a property using multiline breaks
6DisplayAddressSignAsBranchOutputs an address in a specific format for the signed in branch
7DisplayAddressSignAsBranchRegOutputs an address in a specific format for the signed in branches registered office
8DisplayCountryOutputs a country name

Category: Caching

1GetOutputs cached values previously set using "Set" or "SetGlobal" functions
2IsValidCacheChecks whether the cache contains a specific key
3SetSets a cache value
4SetGlobalSets a cache value before any merging is done

Category: Clients

1DisplayClientTypeOutputs the client type description
2DisplayNameOutputs a name for display

Category: Dates

1DateConverts a value into a date
2DateAddDaysAdds a specific number of days to a date
3DateAddHoursAdds a specific number of hours to a date
4DateAddMinutesAdds a specific number of minutes to a date
5DateAddMonthsAdds a specific number of months to a date
6DateAddWeeksAdds a specific number of weeks to a date
7DateAddYearsAdds a specific number of years to a date
8DateCompareCompares two dates
9DateEqualsChecks whether two dates are equal
10DisplayDateOutputs a date with a specific format
11DisplayDaySuffixOutputs a suffix for a specific date
12DisplayNiceDateOutputs a date using a nice format
13DisplayNiceTimeOutputs a time using nice format

Category: Logic

1ContainsChecks whether a value is found within another value
2EvaluateEvaluates an expression
3IFAllows a condition to be checked
4IIFAllows a condition to be checked with branching output
5IsValidChecks whether the provided value is non-empty and non-null

Category: Lookups

1DisplayCategoryOutputs the category description

Category: Media

1BranchLogoOutputs a html image for the branch logo
2BranchLogoUrlOutputs the URL for the branch logo
3DisplayImageOutputs a html image
4EpcGraphUrlOutputs the URL for the EPC graph
5PropertyMediaGenerates a html image for the provided property media
6PropertyMediaMaxSizeGenerates a html image for property media
7PropertyMediaUrlGenerates a URL for property media
8PropertyMediaUrlsGenerates URLs for property media

Category: Numbers

1DisplayFormatNumberOutputs a number with a specific format
2DisplayNumberOutputs a number with or without the pence if zero
3DisplayNumberRoundOutputs a rounded number
4IsValidNumberChecks whether a number is valid

Category: Phone Numbers

1DisplayPhoneOutputs phone numbers for display
2DisplayPhoneBranchOutputs phone numbers for a branch
3DisplayPhoneClientOutputs phone numbers for a client

Category: Pricing

1AgentFeeCalculates the agent fee
2AgentSaleValueCalculates the agent sale value
3AgreedRentCalculates the agreed rent
4DisplayAgentFeeOutputs the agent fee
5DisplayAgentSaleValueOutputs the agent sale value
6DisplayAgreedRentOutputs the agreed rent
7DisplayManageFeeOutputs the manage fee
8DisplayPriceOutputs a price for display
9DisplayPriceSymbolOutputs the currency symbol for a given country
10DisplayPriceTypeOutputs the price type for display
11DisplayPriceTypeToForOutputs the price type for display
12ManageFeeCalculates the manage fee
13PropertyPriceOutputs a price for a property

Category: Properties

1DisplayPropNumOutputs a number with a prefix and suffix
2DisplayPropNumBathOutputs the number of bathrooms
3DisplayPropNumBeddOutputs the number of double beds
4DisplayPropNumBedrOutputs the number of bedrooms
5DisplayPropNumBedsOutputs the number of single beds
6DisplayPropNumFloorOutputs the floor
7DisplayPropNumRecpOutputs the number of receptions
8DisplayPropNumRoomOutputs the number of rooms
9PropertyUrlOutputs a URL for a property link

Category: Strings

1DisplayBrFromChrConverts string line breaks to html equivalent
2DisplayFilenameOutputs a filename containing only allowed characters
3DisplayFormatOutputs a value with a specific format
4DisplayHtmlConverts content into html
5DisplaySentencesOutputs sentences with parameters to restrict contents
6IsEmptyChecks whether the provided value is empty
7LowerConverts a value to lower case
8ReplaceReplaces all instances of one value with another value
9UpperConverts a value to upper case